The FITT Cycle is designed to be a group of women coming together to reach a common goal... Ditching the quick fix mindset and creating a sustainable lifestyle. This is a safe haven of positivity and uplift!!

I am so excited to get to work with you and extremely honored to be on this journey together!

Please use this portal to your full advantage! While I am 100% confident this portal is everything you need to succeed, if you still feel a little lost.. I GOT YOU GIRL!! You can sign up for a Virtual Consult In your RESOURCES tab!

Have you watched the Welcome video? Yes?! Great! Next I would watch these 4 videos — they will answer a lot of questions you have and ease you into The FITT Cycle! Ready! Set! Go!

How To: Intermittent Fast

How To: Figure out your Macros and Track them

How To: Carb Cycling


What you can expect:

  • The first week of enrollment is CRUCIAL to your success! I send you emails DAILY with all the info that you need to begin intermittent fasting, counting your macros, how to carb cycle and information on our next LIVE Q and A!!

  • New workouts will be uploaded to The Daily FITT every other Sunday by midnight!

  • Every Month I will lead a LIVE Informational/Q and A session. If you are a TFC Veteran, feel free just to stay on the call for the info session! The Q & A is primarily for new members!

  • If you need any technical support along the way, feel free to reach out to kendall@lindsayrenefitness.com.