Ready to feel Toned, Healthy, Energized, and Confident for life?!

Well Babe!! I am here for you and I'm ready to support your goals!!

Whether you're a busy #bossbabe, a super mom that slays, or a hustlin' student, I have the perfect plan for YOU!! Join women who are on a journey to ditching the quick fix mindset and living a sustainable lifestyle.

The FITT Collective is a membership style group where you will receive NEW workouts weekly, access to the exclusive FITT TV channel with NEW bi-weekly educational videos on nutrition strategies, day in the life, what I eat in a day, FAQ, etc. - and quite honestly ANYTHING YOU REQUEST!! Monthly THEMES to help keep you up to date on new cutting edge information. You will get exclusive access to current and NEW FITT Cycle Recipes. Monthly, LIVE, group coaching sessions with direct access to me. You will also be a part of an online community of women living this lifestyle. The members of the FTTF Collective group will also be the first in line to receive access to discounts on any programs or products.

Who is this membership for?

  • This membership is for babes who have gone through ONE ROUND of The FITT Cycle and are tired of dieting and ready to continue with something sustainable.

  • You already LOVE the FC lifestyle and want to continue with the accountability from all The FITT Cyclce babes.

  • You already have a good grasp on The FITT Cycle nutrition strategies and do not need another full introductory round.

  • If you are interested in learning more about various health related topics that affect your fat loss, hormones, energy levels and overall quality of life, this membership is for you.


  • New Bi-weekly workouts. These workouts will primarily follow TFC Activate, Build, Sculpt and Burn structure while also throwing in a few surprises and challenges to keep your fat burn and body on it’s toes!

  • New Recipes Bi-weekly. These recipes are tried an tested and exclusive just for Collective members.

  • New FITT TV shows Bi-weekly. Educational videos and interviews with industry professionals on nutrition strategies, day in the life, what I eat in a day, FAQ, etc. - and quite honestly ANYTHING YOU REQUEST!!

  • Monthly EXCLUSIVE educational sessions on topics related to health and wellness. We will be diving deep into "trendy" topics so you will be armed with the latest, most cutting edge health and wellness information.

  • More intimate access to me for support, questions and guidance.

  • VIP discounts on upcoming programs and events.

  • Long term, daily accountability and community to help you continue to see progress toward your goals.

  • Live group calls/Workouts to keep you connected to myself and other members.