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The FITT Cycle Sample Workout

Leggings:  Zyia Active Black Light ‘n Tight leggings ; Top: Forever 21

Curious about what The FITT Cycle workouts look like?! Below I have given you a sample of the over arching structure of most days within The FITT Cycle program. I have polled my Affiliates and Veteran clients and they absolutely LOVE this structure with an occasional “mix-up” or “challenge” every once in a while!

This makes my heart so happy because I truly feel that The FITT Cycle workouts and highly effective and efficient, especially when paired with our Carb Cycle and Nutrient Timing Protocol. If you are currently doing a workout class/structure that you love.. thats perfectly ok. The nutrition strategies that we use with the TFC are proven to yield results no matter what.

Every time I am testing out new workouts for you guys, I see my waistline cinch in, my muscles reveal themselves, and my body just absolutely love them.. And I know yours will too.

BTS: Workout Structure

You will notice everyday throughout The FITT Cycle, the overall workout structure is the same. You will always have an Activate, Build, Sculpt, and Burn circuit... even on cardio days sister!! The workouts are designed to show progression of strength.

The ACTIVATE circuit is meant to get blood flow and circulation to the muscle groups we will be working that day. It is 7 minutes long and is formatted in an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). You will do the allotted exercises and reps as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in the 7 minutes.

During the BUILD circuit, I really challenge you to increase weight as your reps decrease.. this will help with hypertrophy of the muscles to really tone up those trouble spots!

With the SCULPT circuit, you will notice exercise couplets - you will want to do the prescribed number of reps of each exercise 2-3 times before moving onto the next couplet.

The BURNOUT is meant to be ADVANCED and OPTIONAL, it is designed to reach those intrinsic muscle fibers and create even more lean calorie-burning muscle. 

What if I'm short on time?! Not a problem!!

Skip the burnout AND/OR take off the last set of each BUILD exercise OR do 1 less round of Sculpt - VERY FLEXIBLE!! You will STILL get results!!


(all the exercises below are hyperlinked to a video of me doing the workout - This is also true for all the workouts within The FITT Cycle)

Activation x 7 minutes

Bulgarian split jump x 10 (5 each leg)

In and out x 20

Fire Hydrant x 30

Knee up x 20 (10 each leg)



{Increase Weight as reps decrease}

Bulgarian Split Squat 12/10/8 (ea)

Sumo Squat 15/12/10

Straight Leg Dead Lift 15/12/10

Hip Thrusts 15/12/10 (working out at home? Do with dumbbell)


Sculpt x 2

{Do each pair of exercises twice before moving to the next set}

Curtsey Lunges x 12 (ea)

Jump lunges x 20


Hamstring Curl x 12 (working out at home? do with dumbbell)

Box Jump x 12


Burnout x 7 minutes

Bulgarian split jump x 10 (5 each leg)

In and out x 20

Fire Hydrant x 30

Knee up x 20 (10 each leg)


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Zyia Active is going places!!


Did you know the athletic wear industry is going to be worth over $83 billion by the year 2020. I’m not super great at math… but that’s only 2 years away!! Wouldn’t it be nice if YOU could have a piece of that pie? Well, SURPRISE!! You can!!

How? With Zyia Active.

Zyia Active is the first ever direct sales athleisure company and they just launched in February 2017.

At Zyia Active, we believe you have to work for what you want. We also believe work should be fun and incredibly rewarding. The founders of Zyia, saw the growing trends of active wear and knew how to build a company that would empower women to get involved, all across the world.

Zyia Active's line of comfortable and stylish clothing are made from high quality materials designed for optimum breathability, with strategic ventilation, moisture and temperature control, slimming support compression, and it even has anti-odor capability. 

Zyia Active has something for everyone, whether you want to replace an income, or just make a little extra spending money, earn free clothes, or make life long friends in this incredible community of women.

NOW is the time. I invite you, to come find out what all the excitement is about

If I’m being honest, when I first enrolled as a Zyia Active rep I had no intention of promoting it or making it a “side gig” but when I saw the potential and the demand?! It literally just took off!!


I don’t know about you, but I get bummed out when I see all the super cute Lulu or athleta on some of my fav bloggers and I go to look at the price and a pair of leggings is over $100!!! What?! That just crazy to me.. Now, my favorite leggings are HALF the price, equal if not BETTER quality.. and they make me money. #winwin

The next time you go to the grocery store, Costco, get your nails done, or go shopping.. take a look around at what women/men are wearing. Most of the people you will see are in athleisure. So, the demand for athletic wear is extremely high!

Let me break down a few of the FAQ’s that about Zyia.

What do you get for your initial investment?

Well, besides the fact that you get over $300 of FREE product, you also get business materials, a start-up guide, a website, and if you enroll with me… you are joining THE most successful team at Zyia Active. I don’t mean just my downline is successful, but my UPLINE is the most successful Upline at Zyia Active which means you get access to the best training and resources.

How much does it cost to become a rep?

There are two different packages you can choose from when becoming a Zyia Active rep. One is $450 and one is $750. Now, just think about it. How many 6 or 7 figure businesses have that kind of buy in?? If you wanted to start your own athletic company… do you know how much skin you would need to have in the game?? People go into debt over that kind of stuff!! So, Zyia Active is basically handing you a business in a box and without all the overhead.

Now, if Zyia was offering a cheap business buy-in for $99 or even $199… wouldn’t you question how great the quality is? You’ve got to have a little bit of skin in the game to A, stay committed to growing a business and B, to know that the product you are promoting is high quality and something you can stand behind.

How does the pay structure work?

Zyia Active's commission structure is one of the best I have ever seen. There are a few different ways to get paid with Zyia Active.  Besides all the monthly incentives and bonuses corporate puts out, you can get paid commission (15-30%) off of everything you sell or you can receive a percentage of commission off of your Downline, or the people you recruit. My Up-line has created an exclusive business strategy for our team members to ramp up quickly, rank advance, and start earning residual income quick! Like I said.. We are the most successful team at Zyia and for good reason.

Do you get a discount on the clothes?

OF COURSE!! As a rep we get a 25% discount on anything we order.

Are there any monthly/annual fees?

NOPE!! If you opt in to have the customized website (which I HIGHLY recommend) there is a $19 monthly website fee BUT it’s waived if you sell over $600. There is no annual fee but in order to be considered “active” you need to sell at least $300 in 6 months.

Who is Zyia for?

Technically, there is a place for everyone at Zyia. Who am I looking for to join my team? If you have been following me for a while, then you know I do not believe in quick fixes – that goes for my business as well. I want women who have the entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to achieve significant success and income by putting in work in the beginning.

If you are wanting something that is very little work, super easy, and will quickly solve all of your financial problems.. then you are looking in the wrong place (but when you find that lemme know, k?). I’m kidding, that doesn’t exist. How many millionaires say their road to the top was easy and ZERO work. There are none! I want women who are ready to grow, have an abundance mindset and committed to working hard in the beginning so they can reap the benefits in a few months.

Here’s the deal. Zyia Active has so much momentum right now and we are growing so fast. There are currently less than 600 reps in the entire company, and in some state, you could be the FIRST!! Do not wait to jump on this exciting ride. If you are serious about learning the business opportunity that comes with Zyia Active, I would love to chat with you. Click the button below to schedule a FREE 1:1 conference call, email me, or join us for our next Monthly Mastermind call where myself and a few of the other uber successful Zyia reps share our success, strategies, and the opportunity.

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