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How to "Treat Yo' Self" this holiday season and still get results!


How to "Treat Yo' Self" this holiday season and still get results!


Ok ladies!! It’s that time of year when we need to get our game faces on and fight those cravings!! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up there are going to be plenty of opportunities to indulge in ALL of our favorite vices. Whether you are a laffy taffy sugary kind girl (oh hey!!), a chocolate or peanut butter fudge kind girl, or even a turkey stuffing loving girl – we all know those cravings are going to be staring us right in the face… 3 months in a row, every. single. day!!

So, I thought I would share a few tips that myself and my clients use to continue moving towards our goals and getting results even throughout the holidays.

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you are well aware that I am all about creating a sustainable lifestyle with flexibility to enjoy the foods you love and having balance. This doesn’t mean going on a strict diet and telling yourself you CAN’T have something. Which leads me to my first tip.



What this means is creating that 80/20 mentality and leaving 1 day where you treat yourself. This doesn’t mean you treat yourself the entire day. Depending on what you love the most, whether its Donuts, Cake, Candy, Muffins, Pasta, Ice Cream… you name it, have a day that you tell yourself you WILL have your treat on that day. This will help you stay on point throughout the week because you are no longer telling yourself you can’t have something you love for “x” amount of time, this is why it’s considered a lifestyle!!



Now that you have established that you are going to treat yourself, it’s important to strategically match that treat up with a specific workout day.. which I tell my clients should be LEG DAY!! The muscle group in your legs are one of the biggest muscle groups in your body making them a powerhouse for burning calories all day long even when you are done working out! This is why I have my clients indulge in their discretionary calories right after their leg workout. Not only did you earn it, but your body will be utilizing the glycogen (carbs) from your treat for fuel, which makes it less likely to stick around and be stored. Throughout my programs, I usually have my clients do leg day on Saturdays, since the weekends are usually the days we indulge a little too much!!


This is super important!! We just established that the best time treat yo’ self is right after your leg workout, but prior to your treat, be sure you are feeding your muscles with good quality protein to build that lean calories burning muscle. Protein not only feeds your muscles, but it also has a satiating effect leaving you feeling full. Having a meal with protein prior to your treat will make you less likely to over indulge and eat the entire BOX of donuts… remember it’s not a CHEAT day, just a treat! I love having a protein smoothie after leg day!!

So this holiday season be sure not to tell yourself you CAN’T have something, let’s change our mentality and approach and start telling ourselves “I can have my favorite treat, but I’m going to save it for leg day, and I’m going to have some protein first!”

If you are wanting to know specifically how to break up your workouts throughout the week, when to engage in leg day or cardio, etc. check out my introductory program “FAST Track to Fit” by going to the link below.

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