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My FITT Travel Essentials


My FITT Travel Essentials

There are truly not many better things than being able to travel and stick to your routine. Whether it’s a fun family vacation, couples getaway, or a quick work trip.. there are a few essentials I take with me EVERYWHERE I go to make sure I stay on top of my routine.

I used to get so overwhelmed with traveling and be so scared that I was going to gain weight that I would hardly even enjoy the trip. NOW, I’m not scared that I’m going to gain weight or get off my routine… because I plan better. I know what foods and things make me feel my best and I don’t really like to be without them.

I think one of the best things that you can do is pack as much of your routine items (in travel sizes of course) to come with you! This trip I found this SUPER CUTE pink Corkcicle back pack that I’m pretty much packing all my snacks in! I got it off Amazon and it arrived in two days, just before my trip… PERFECT!!

Now, you’re probably wondering… what the heck did I put in the backpack… well the real question is, what the heck DIDN’T I put in here!!

corckcicle packback.jpg

My number one goal when it comes to FEELING GOOD while traveling is trying to decrease BLOAT as much as possible… it’s kind of a given when you travel that you WILL retain some water weight but doing what you can to decrease this is best practice. For me, that means minimizing processed foods and drinking LOTS of water!! Depending on when my flight or travel arrangements are set for, I will usually FAST the entire time I’m at the airport and “en route” to my destination. My flights are usually super early in the morning so this works out pretty well with my normal fasting schedule.. #winning! Another reason I love fasting while traveling via public means is that most travel friendly foods are “finger foods” meaning you eat them with your hands… and public places are not usually the cleanest. My biggest nightmare would be coming down with some kind of cold or virus while I’m away!!

With that being said, here are a few travel sized goods that I keep in a zip lock baggy at all times ready to just grab and go!!

As for snacks go.. just incase I get hungry on the flight or there are any unexpected delays I always like to bring my own snacks. Not really just for the travel day but I also like to make sure I will have familiar options when I get to my hotel room rather than getting something from a random vending machine or at the front desk. But lets be real… You know Jordy J is gonna want in on my snacks… so I’m always sure to pack his favs too!!

Now from what I can tell a LOT of food is approved through the security check point at the airport, just know that you WILL most likely be flagged and they’ll want to look through the bag.. be nice, be patient, and they will send you on your way. This is why my new handy dandy pink back pack is going to be so handy… I can set it aside on its own, knowing they will need to go through it!

Here’s what I’m packin’

  • pre-made sandwhiches

  • Oscar Meyers All Natural Snack packs - basically the adult version of a lunchable!

  • Oats Over Night - SUCH a great protein AND carb option - I brought 2 packs for each High Carb Day I’m gone. *note-I was going to pre-mix the oats with water, but I wasn’t clear on if they would make it through security?

  • Quest Bars - Primarily for J but I like having them as an option esp on low carb day!

  • Built Bars - Verdict is still out on these… the middle texture reminds me of those chocolates you get for Valentines day with the gooy middle, that you take one bite of and put back… I REALLY want to love them… but it might be more of an acquired taste

  • Quaker Rice Cakes

  • Cooked Lean Turkey Patties - They fit PERFECTLY on the rice cakes for a little snack!

Now that the most IMPORTANT details of the trip… AKA FOOD… are covered… let’s chat about a few things you can do in regards to your workouts!!

One of my absolutely favorite things about The FITT Cycle is the fact that you get access to both the home and gym versions. So if you’re on the go… you can ALWAYS use the home version as guidance for your workouts. You can start today by clicking HERE.

While I’m in Cali, I’ll be filming an ENTIRE week’s worth of workouts that go hand-in-hand with The FITT Cycle structure that will require MINIMAL to NO equipment! I’ll be sending it out to everyone on my newsletter list and all MEMBERS next week! To get the Travel Workouts, subscribe HERE.

The resort that we are staying at looks like it has a GREAT fitness facility which I’m super excited about and can’t wait to share with you, but if I didn’t have a facility to workout at, here are a few other options:

  • Resistance Bands - Easy to pack! I like the ones from Hope Fitness Gear.

  • Getting a day pass to a local gym or boutique fitness center

Now IDK about you but if I’m looking fly when I’m headed to the gym.. I’m more inclined to actually get to the gym!!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE pieces from Zyia that I pretty much take with me everywhere!! And my FAVORITE travel outfit in all the land!!


and that’s pretty much it! Pre-planning and having a few of my Go-To items that make me feel “at home” away from home really set me up for success while I’m traveling! Don’t be nervous or scared someone will make fun of you for being EXTRA… in my mind… why would you want to be anything BUT extra?!