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What makes Lindsay Different from other coaches?

Navigating through the terminology in the health and wellness industry is tough! Even for a professional. My background as a Registered Nurse gives me the unique ability to truly understand your health history and back ground and apply them with my nutritional strategies. Not only do I have my Bachelors in nursing, but I am always investing in myself to continue my education so that I can be sure to bring YOU the most up-to-date information. With The FITT Cycle, it is my main mission to equip you with all the tools you need to ditch the quick fixes and create a sustainable lifestyle. This means fitting the program and strategies into YOUR schedule… not the other way around. The diet you just tried… will be the last one you EVER do!!

My Biggest win was walking into my family’s Christmas get together and having two of my cousins tell me that I look “amazing!” They asked if I was starving myself and I said “NO! I’m actually stuffing my face!!
— Danielle

The FIIT Cycle Method

Fasting Intervals, Targeted Training, and Carb Cycling


Fasting Intervals is just what it sounds like. You will have intervals throughout The FITT Cycle, where you will be considered in a “Fasting Interval” which is a SMALL window of time without eating at all, letting your body rest from insulin production. It is a conscious decision to have the first meal of your day a little later than you're used to and to not allow snacking after your last meal. Don’t worry, you EAT EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

The Interval we use with The FITT Cycle is the 16:8 ratio. You will have a 16 hour FASTING Interval and an 8 Hour EATING Interval.


With The FITT Cycle, we will be strategically matching our workouts with our Carb Cycle. We do this because of the way your body metabolizes and stores Macro Nutrients.


 Carb cycling is just what it sounds like: eating more carbohydrates on some days (High Carb Days) to promote MUSCLE GROWTH and eating less carbohydrates (Low Carb Days) on same days to promote FAT LOSS and minimize fat gain.

My husband and friends have said that I have found me again. The FITT Cycle has changed my life!
— Heather

Throughout the fitt cycle, my goal is to educate you well enough on our strategies so that you can implement them into YOUR lifestyle. I will not leave you at the end of 6 weeks saying, "now what?!".

With this program, we will be focused on the unique The FITT Cycle Method which takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness. We combine proprietary nutrient timing and intermittent fasting protocols, macro management and carb cycling, compound workouts focused on muscle hypertrophy and toning, along with fat burning.

What Will you gain from working with me?

  • Increase in energy, sleep quality, endurance, balance, and strength

  • Tools to repair your damaged metabolism and stabilize hormones

  • Decrease in bloating and inflammation by eating real, whole foods.

  • Increase in knowledge on hot health and wellness related topics

  • Smaller waistline and increase muscle tone

  • Empowerment to meal plan/prep appropriately and efficiently to meet you and your family’s needs

With The FITT Cycle we will focus on maintaining and/or gaining lean muscle mass while simultaneously turning your body into a fat burning machine! We are not looking to bulk. This is actually REALLY hard to do as a woman. We will do this by alternating our carbohydrates between HIGH carb and LOW carb days, to strategically match our daily workouts. THIS IS THE SECRET SAUCE!

I used to struggle with hypoglycemia because of late night bingeing. I would wake up with the shakes and feel like I HAD to eat. Now, when I stick to my fasting window my blood sugar COMPLETELY stabilizes. The FITT Cycle completely cured it!
— Kristen

The FITT Cycle will begin soon. You will be added to a private facebook group to learn meal plan details, workout routine, and receive pertinent information.

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