Q: What do I get when I enroll?

  • A unique program that fits into any lifestyle

  • A convenient "app-like" portal designed to help you crush your goals including The Daily FITT, The FITT Cycle program overview, access to the exclusive FITT TV video library and meal plan guidelines and exclusive recipes.

  • Comprehensive and holistic approach to cutting edge nutritional strategies designed to leave you feeling amazing, having tons of energy, glowing from the inside out, sleeping great, and loving life!

  • Bi-monthly LIVE Q & A with Lindsay

  • Daily, easy to follow workout plans which can be completed at the gym or at home - This is your Daily FITT!

  • Daily social accountability to help you crush your goals

  • Daily focus and coaching from ME or another nurse on my team!

Q: What is “Target Training”?

With The FITT Cycle we focus on Targeted Training. This means we are matching the type of exercises we are doing with our daily Carb Cycle. There are certain exercises you can do on either High carb/Low carb days to use those carbs to maximize muscle growth and fat loss! If you are not seeing results with your current regimen… you NEED TARGETED TRAINING!!

Q: Do you provide a meal plan?

The FITT Cycle primarily focuses on macro management which is unique to each individual. I do provide basic meal plan guidance in the comprehensive program guide but if further structure is needed, I have developed a meal plan for those who are interested.

Q: I don't have a gym membership, Can I still do The FITT Cycle?

YES!! I provide you with both gym and home options for the entire duration of your enrollment

Q: If I chose to do the home workouts, what equipment do I need?

I typically recommend 2-3 different weight options in dumbells and a bench or step 

Q: I just had a baby and am still breast feeding, can I do The FITT Cycle?

YES!! I always recommend consulting with your physician before starting anything new, so we would want to make sure you have clearance to exercise prior to starting. We would also want to make sure mamma and baby are getting enough macronutrients so we will most likely adjust your macros to accommodate.

Q: I currently work with a trainer/go to orange theory/crossfit can I still do those and The FITT Cycle?

My answer to this is YES! but I always like to ask the question.. how is that working for you? Would you be looking for something else if it was working? No matter what, implementing the nutritional strategies I have laid out in The FITT Cycle will bring you results, but I have also specifically designed the workouts to tone you in all your trouble areas. The program works best when it is implemented as written.

Q: What exactly is Carb Cycling?

Carbohydrate Cycling is an intentional variation of carbohydrates each day. We will be alternating between high carb and low carb days to strategically change your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner. 

Q: What is intermittent fasting or fasting intervals?

Intermittent fasting or fasting intervals is not a diet, it's an eating schedule. Each day throughout the program we will be engaging in intermittent fasting... don't worry.. MOST of it is done while you are sleeping AND you get to eat every single day! You will just be eating in a shorter feeding window, rather than being able to graze all day!!

Q: I have low blood sugar, can I still fast?

I always recommend reaching out to your physician who typically manages your blood sugar to make sure you address WHY you are having low blood sugar. You can still do the program, but we will want to adjust your fasting time and make sure you are getting enough macronutrients to stabilize your blood sugar.

Q: I have been told I have PCOS, will I get results?

While everyone has a unique experience with The FITT Cycle, I have had SEVERAL clients diagnosed with PCOS go through the program and love their results.