My husband and I were driving home from vaca, and I put these together and was BLOWN away. I couldn't believe the difference in my body. I know I haven't lost alot of weight, I believe like 4-5 pounds but my clothes are fitting better, I'm buying smaller pants and I can physically see a difference!!! Than you so much!!!!! 


I vacationed all last week and was not the best with my macros and I am still so pleased with my results! I love that I can go on vacation and enjoy not eating the best and not gain a bunch a weight! I was able to maintain and then go back to hitting it hard when I got home. I love that I have the freedom to eat what I want! It’s not a strict diet, it’s all about balance! It’s created a lifestyle that is manageable and fits right in with my everyday life and I don’t feel like I am restricting myself! I am so glad I tried your program and I am excited to keep implementing it in my life! I have learned so much!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


I feel great!!! I don't stress near what i did about eating and wearing swim suits,  i feel so much more confident!!! 


I remember when the program started that life was so busy and I just forgot. I wish I had and I'll be sure to take some when I start round 2 soon but I don't need photos to notice how much better I feel. I have more energy, my clothes fit better, I love working out (what?!?!?!), I've become OCD about tracking and being mindful of what/when/how I'm eating (in a healthy way) and I'm so thankful for all the non-scale victories along the way. I've become more disciplined, I've learned how to prioritize my health and working out around my constantly busy schedule, I'm happier, and most of all, I'm starting to love myself again!


When I started this program, I was so unsure of what to expect. At the time, I was tired of feeling "chubby" all the time, exhausted, couldn't keep up with life or my business and I was just so unhappy with myself because I knew I wanted more for myself, but I didn't know how to achieve it. I knew that if I had a structured program, I could do it but I hadn't been able to find a program that truly worked for me. I had actually heard about tracking macros before this program and thought about it but hadn't committed. Then I saw your program and for some reason I decided to jump in with both feet. I cannot believe that I made it through 6 weeks and made the decision to sign up for another round. I am so thankful for this program and for how much it has already impacted my life. I can't wait to see myself grow more in this next round and to see even more changes. 


Thank you for creating a truly incredible program that continues to impact so many lives. Thank you for creating a program that creates a community of women who support and encourage each other daily. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping us become healthier women. I am truly grateful to God for blessing you with this gift of ministering to others through healthy living and giving you the gift of coaching because that makes all the difference.


I hope I get to meet you in person someday!


My main motivation for investing in the program was not really for weight loss. Thanks in part to genetics from my dad, as well as dieting and exercising, I was able to maintain a healthy weight for my 5'7" frame for most of my life. With the exception of my 4 pregnancies, my weight had never really fluctuated more than 5-8 pounds. When I would put on those 5-8 extra pounds I didn't feel good, so I either slashed calories or exercised more in order to drop the extra weight. 


I didn't begin exercising until after my first baby was born. For the first time in my life I had some extra weight to lose. In my 20's I took aerobics classes; in my 30's I lifted weights; in my late 30's to early 40's I ran half marathons and marathons and then in my late 40's I sporadically did cardio or weights. During times of non-exercising I watched my diet. What I struggled with was combining all three: healthy diet, weights, cardio. I never could seem to coordinate all 3 at the same time. Eventually menopause caught up with me and focusing on just one piece of the puzzle no longer was working. I was having to eat less and less just to keep my weight in check. Life got busy and hours spent running or at the gym were no longer an option. I was in need of an intervention.


My interest in the program was fueled by my desire to clean up my diet and establish a consistent exercise regimen that didn't require hours in the gym. I was also very intrigued to know how I could possibly eat carbs and not gain weight. 


I actually began implementing the basic principles of the program before I actually signed up. I saw Lindsay's Instagram post where she offered a basic overview guide of the program. I decided to give it a try to see if I could stick with the intermittent fasting before investing the money to sign up for the program. Within the first 3-4 days I could tell a difference in my midsection. My usual daily bloating was diminished and I had energy and a desire to workout. After that I was hooked and decided to sign up. 


The past 6 weeks have been a real eye opener for me. First thing I learned was that I wasn't eating enough. My calories went from 1200 per day to 1540 and my carbs allowed on every day except the two low carb days more than doubled from what I was normally eating. In the beginning I struggled to eat them all. My brain had been so ingrained with low calorie/low carb that I didn't know how to do it any other way. 


Through Lindsay's coaching and encouragement I learned to follow the plan, trust the process, and found freedom. On days I came up short in my macros she offered suggestions in how to choose foods higher in which ever macro I was struggling with. On days I went over on my macros and got discouraged she lifted me up and reminded me it was just one day and to move on and do bettertomorrow. There were days when I couldn't get a workout in but I kept my macros in check. Flexibility and balance are key components I really like about the program. 


The accountability group was a huge help to me. I didn't know anyone in the group and yet we were able to share each other's joy in a great workout completed, celebrate NSV's of jeans getting looser, share recipes, offer remedies for sore muscles, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, and even pray for a member's sick loved one. 


In just 6 weeks I lost 6 pounds. Overall I lost 4.5" total just from my midsection. My quads are beginning to show definition and definitely feel firmer. My arms and back are "cut", and I can see the muscle definition even without flexing. I definitely feel more toned all over, and I am stronger. Clothes that were tight are now too big. I'll take that over a scale victory any day. I'm looking forward to the next round and hope to continue my progress and really want to focus on my quads, hams and booty now. 


Thank you Lindsay!!